Size: 18x25 cmHas foam padding along the headband


*The face shield may have some grammatical errors on the head piece and I have informed the vendor.

*Please remove the plastic layer on outside of the shield prior to use. Some may also have a plastic sheath on the shield itself. Please remove that prior to use when applicable.

*Plastic and foam can be a choking hazard for children and those unable to remove the face shield themselves. The face shield must only be used with adult supervision.

*This should be used in conjunction to wearing a face mask and implementing other health measures. This does not diminish the need to practice social distancing and good hand washing. We all need to stay safe.

**The face shield should be disinfected prior to/in between use and when visibly soiled.

*To ship with padded protection, I have removed the first class option. Six child face shields can fit in a PFRE. Please upgrade the shipping as needed. Shipping errors will be invoiced to your email once the items are in hand.


Please do not order with regular or coordinate & oldies galore pre-order fabrics. In that event, you will risk cancellation of your order.

Face Shields: Child Size Retail (Please read disclaimer below)

7,50$ Standardpreis